Xpadder – Top Alternatives to Xpadder and Similar Emulators

Xpadder is one of the most popular gaming emulators, which makes your gaming life easy and comfortable. More importantly, it doesn’t matter what type of peripheral is used through Xpadder; you can mount the keys in line with the game and offer the same experience as Joystick.

If you want to feel the real joystick experience, then you must try the Xpadder emulator. Some of the games in the market don’t support gamepads. Xpadder being one of the premium emulators, resolves this issue and brings you good support and control over the game with keyboard support. Utilizing a simple toolset and visual interface, anyone with a few minutes of free time can set up their gamepad to emulate the keyboard and mouse in all of your favorite games.

This handy utility has been designed with avid console gamers in mind. This application also allows you to control support for DOS games and browser games. This emulator takes the input from a gamepad and translates it into keyboard and mouse strokes. Though it’s not new, Xpadder still remains one of the best keyboard & mouse simulators available on the market.


  • Clever easy to use: The great thing about Xpadder is that its usage is not limited to gaming. The emulator is very well optimized and easy to use and handle.
  • Easy to handle: The changes you make on Xpadder are instant. You can change the controls even while the game is running.
    Stable: The emulator is very stable and never fails, no matter how heavy and the massive game you are playing.

Alternatives to Xpadder

If you still have any trust issues while using Xpadder, you can check the other alternatives.

  1. Pinnacle Game Profiler (PGP)

    Pinnacle is software that allows you to play your games using any joystick, gamepad, or any type of controller. It is pre-configured for most of the games. The setup is very well easy, and you can map the keys pretty easily. There is also an option to install new games or software with just a single click. There are also specific gaming features such as special controls for snipers, feedback controls, rapid-fire, etc. You can also map any button to set the controls. Huge support for almost all of the controllers is available. The emulator interface is very friendly and pretty easier to use.

  2. JoytoKey

    Have you ever wanted to control a game with your game controller or joystick? You can control and emulate with JoyToKey, which basically emulates keyboard and mouse input on a controller. This emulator is well optimized for all interfaces and is easy to use. Joy to Key doesn’t interact with the game you’re using it for. It just tells your computer to register your joystick inputs as keyboard inputs. Free to try, and it is very reasonable to buy. Also, easy to set up and use Can run at startup with plenty of configuration options. The main cons of this emulator are it only works with Windows. It has limitations when running on modern versions of Windows.

  3. DS4 Windows

    DS4Windows is a compact program that enables you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your PC. By emulating an Xbox 360 controller and many other games are accessible. DS4 Windows t allows you to pair your DS4 without any hassle. The program is stable, the UI functional, and the set up isn’t particularly complicated. DS4 offers full customization of the controller’s functions, including lighting, rumble, button mapping, and also allows the use of the touchpad as a trackpad. You can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, and generally run it in exclusive mode. It also got some xPadder features built-in as well. It’s so useful for games without any primary gamepad support.

  4. ControllerMate

    ControllerMate building blocks are triggered by controls on devices or MIDI notifications. Each type of building block performs a small task. Building blocks can also be combined to perform some complex functions. ControllerMate creates a virtual mouse, tablet, and joystick devices that can be controlled by ControllerMate programming. The virtual devices are seen by most other applications, just as though they were actual devices. ControllerMate incorporates a helper application that runs in the background, observes the attached controllers, and performs the current programming when the ControllerMate application is not running. ControllerMate is compatible with many devices and can perform a wide variety of tasks.


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