uBlock Origin – Best Alternatives to uBlock Origin and Similar Ad Blockers

uBlock Origin is one of the most recommended ad-blockers on the internet. uBlock Origin is a cross-platform browser extension, which allows you to seamlessly enjoy and work on the internet by blocking annoying ads, trackers, and malware sites.

The internet population has grown multiple folds within the last decade and has given people across the globe millions of opportunities to earn money by sharing their work online. The most popular and easy way to make money through websites is to run ads.

All of us have faced a terrible day when ads pop up on every other website we visit. We can not stop these websites from running apps [We wish, we could], but as the saying goes, Where there is a will, there is a way.

As the developers call it, “ Wide- Spectrum Blocker.” uBlock Origin does more than just blocking ads that spoil your entertainment or makes you inefficient while working online.


  • Ad Blocking – The main reason behind this cross-platform browser extension’s success is its ability to block ads efficiently. uBlock Origin uses its Adblock Plus filter syntax. This syntax allows this extension to block annoying ads that ruin your online experience. uBlock Origin uses several lists of filters to get the best results for its users. These involve EasyList, Online Malicious URL Blocklist, and many more.
  • Doesn’t eat your RAM – Our team has tested a gazillion [Well, more like a hundred] ad-blockers before writing this blog. And most blockers have failed in this test. Adblockers, in general, consume a lot of device resources, which eventually decreases the performance of the system. This feature may not look very significant at first, but you will understand in the long run. When you work online for long hours, ad blockers hog up your system. Eventually, the producing system lags even if you are running simple programs.
  • Doesn’t ruin the Site Layout and Functionality – Most sites today earn the majority of their share of the revenue from running ads. Hence, they optimize and design their site’s functionality accordingly. This means blocking down all these ads will ruin your experience on that particular site. uBlock Origin was quite successful when we tested it for this. It does not block ads manically, which keeps the experience on the website decent. It helps in keeping the layout of the website and hence the functionality to it’s optimum.
  • Blocks Trackers – Privacy invasion is one of the leading causes of fraud and other scandals in this decade. Taking care of your online privacy has never been more crucial than now. Our data is collected on most websites we go on; this data is then collected, stored, and often sold on the dark web. After which somebody can use it to infiltrate our systems. uBlock Origin implements EasyPrivacy, Peter Lowe’s Ad server list, Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking List, and many more filters to block down most trackers, making a drastic change in your online security.

Alternatives to uBlock Origin

  1. Adblock Plus

    AdBlock Plus is often considered one of the best ad blockers in the world. Just like uBlock Origin, it is also an Open Source browser extension available on all leading platforms, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Yandex Browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browser. But, Adblock Plus is criticized for its excessive RAM consumption.

  2. Adguard AdBlocker

    Adguard AdBlocker is one of the most advanced ad blockers available on the internet. Once installed, it allows the users not only to block ads. But fake news, Scam ads, and even malvertising. Adguard AdBlocker helps you get the most out of your bandwidth by disabling hidden trackers using your resources.

  3. Privacy Badger

    Just like the name suggests, Privacy Badger is more of a privacy tool than a dedicated ad-blocker, which is why it does not block all the ads that pop-up. The primary purpose of Privacy Badger is to block down trackers that invade your privacy and lower down your bandwidth. It does the job by seeing if the same element is tracking your browser across all the websites and blocking this element from loading any more content.

  4. AdBlocker Ultimate

    Adblocker Ultimate is one of the leading AdBlockers. People across the globe widely use them. It is available across all major browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. Its users love AdBlocker Ultimate for its excellent work on blocking YouTube ads, which is one of the worst things to come across when you are in the mood for some entertainment.


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