Procreate – Why is it so popular? Alternatives and Similar Apps

Procreate is one of the, if not the best applications in the mobile world that has helped Digital Artists across the globe to create and conquer. One can easily term Procreate as a powerhouse of features, which allow users to create, manipulate, and produce high-quality artwork.

Procreate is a buffet of hot served features, which makes it a top-class product. It comes at a price-tag of $9.99 on the Apple App Store. Just a single-time investment. Procreate has no annoying monthly subscription charges, no hidden costs. This purchase gives users complete access to all its features. (Though some additional brushes require in-app purchase)

But, why is Procreate so popular among digital artists?


Enjoy this short read to know about Features, Tips, and more about this hell-burner of an application.

  • Customized Brushes – One of the most popular reasons for the popularity of this app is this feature. Many people stick to the default brushes provided in the app, but creating your own custom brush, lets you unlock next level creativity without much hassle. You get an opportunity to tweak up or down, Brush size, opacity, color, and style of your custom brush. What more can an artist wish for an app that costs only $9.99 for lifetime access.
  • Gestures – Almost all the people out there have a smartphone in their pocket [or most probably in their hands]. And out of these, most people use gestures to control and maneuver on the phone. Gestures make it very easy to navigate and control features with great fluidity, increasing work efficiency. Like your smartphones, Procreate has a great suite of gestures that make it very comfortable for the users to operate and steer through the application and usage. Moreover, Procreate allows you to customize these gestures according to your need and delight.
  • Alpha Lock – Alpha Lock is one feature that makes the life of the Artists relatively easy. This component allows you to control the spreading of any details you add within a boundary you create through this Alpha Lock. This additional level of control helps create crisp and sharp artworks, which is of high significance in the world of Ultra High-Definition screens that catch the smallest of these details.
  • Liquify – Liquify by Procreate has given artists the ability to create mind-bending graphics. When you see a trippy image with some crazy graphic online, the creator has probably used the Liquify feature to create that look. Liquify allows you to Twirl, Push, Expand, or Pinch an image or a part of the image; you can even use the crystalize and edge feature after gaining some experience of this particular feature.
  • Masks – When we are talking about detailed illustrations, we can not leave them behind Masking. Masking is one of the most excellent tools. It allows you to edit a part of the image without destroying other vital parts of the same image. You can edit any element of the image. Be it texture, shadows, any pattern, or even the highlights of a part of the entire picture. There are three main masking options available in procreate, each one having a different purpose. We have already talked about the most used mask option- Alpha Lock. The other two are- Mask and Clipping Mask.

Alternatives to Procreate

While Procreate is one of the best applications for Digital Artists that want to create and explore the world of digital art, but not everyone has the same choice. With the market of visual content growing, there are hundreds of options for these artists to choose from.

  1. Adobe Fresco

    If you are a content creator, you probably have an Adobe CC subscription. If yes, why not utilize it to its potential. Adobe Fresco is one of the leading competitors to Procreate. The unique feature that Adobe Fresco introduced is “Live Brushes.” This feature lets you replicate the texture and the quality of brush strokes, just like they would create in the live world.

  2. Affinity Designer

    If you are trying to take this hobby seriously or willing to shell out some big bucks, affinity designer can be your go-to application to create digital art. The designers have made sure that using Affinity Designer does not become havoc.  That is why they have added the ability to switch from Vector to Raster mode with a single tap. The raster model comes with hundreds of brushes, giving you the chance to unleash its true power as a creator. Like Procreate, the application is created to enhance the use of the Apple Pencil for its pressure sensitivity capabilities.

  3. Assembly

    Not everyone here is a professional artist who wants to spend $9.99 on an application. For those people, Assembly is one great app. It is free of cost and yet packs a punch with its great features.

  4. Pixelmator

    Pixelmator is cheaper than Procreate, costing only $4.99. One primary reason that people do not back out of spending on this app is that it allows you to edit images of up to a resolution of 100 megapixels [Yes, you read that right. But, only if you can find an image of 100 MP]

  5. Infinite Painter

    If you are an Android user, this is probably the only useful thing for you on this blog. Infinite Painter is a popular app for its ability to run on the Android Platform, and just like most Android Applications, it is also free. With a 70 plus brushes suite to choose from, it is a great app to use if you can’t get your hand on Procreate.

  6. Krita

    It is one of the most advanced Image Editors out there. Krita is one of the few image editors in the market which are completely open-source. Which at the same time is wonderful at doing what it does. Krita being open-source software has its own benefits. It has a completely customizable interface, making it very easy for beginners to adapt if they are coming up from other platforms. It also supports major styluses and boards so that you can use pressure-sensitive brushes on the software to create whatever you feel like and let your creativity flow.


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