Best Alternatives to AdwCleaner | Reviews, Features and Similar Tools

AdwCleaner is one of the most required tools in the market that can solve most of your malware related issues. More importantly, the platforms help you in cleaning your device without any hassle.

If you think your computer has been running slower than usual, there might be unwanted software or malware running in the background causing this issue. It is very common to have no idea how the virus-infected sites work and how your system might have infected by one of them. These viruses are sometimes termed as AdWare, and they destroy your system and your performance by embedded a lot of junk.

AdwCleaner is a one-stop solution for all your needs for fixing your issues. The software has been smartly designed to detect the type of malware or virus in your system that is cause you all the issues and assist you in the removal. The software works flawlessly and provides you with enough resources to get rid of any unwanted tool running in your background.


Some of the features of AdwCleaner are:

Fast – The software works flawlessly without taking much of your time. As the tagline on their website says, “you can scan your computer less than it takes to make a cup of coffee”.

No Installs – When a scanner tool doesn’t install anything on your system, you know it’s legit. AdwCleaner can be just by downloading the file. No setup is required.

Alternatives to AdwCleaner

If you still have trust issues while using AdwCleaner, you can have a look at the other alternatives of the software.

  1. Adware Removal Tool

    Adware is one of the leading tools on our list. Providing you with one of the results to remove the malware and spyware in your system, the features are topped off by removing the unwanted guests. These are quite common these days with a lot of vulnerabilities in technology. The tool is 100% free of cost and doesn’t require any additional charges. This is a must-try tool in the market with a lot of features to look up to. Apart from the basic features, Adware Removal Tool can do a deep scan to clean the registry malware that resides in your system. This is a must-try tool in the market with a lot of features to look up to.

  2. Bitdefender Adware Removal

    Bitdefender is one of the leading companies when it comes to malware solutions. The Adware tool provided is priced at $12.99 per session, but the price is absolutely worth it. A little less should be considered, but the features are good. The tools give you access to remove any unwanted software from your system. Apart from the basic removal, the platform also helps you optimize your browser for fast and smooth browsing with the maximum security possible. Since it is coming from one of the trusted brands in the market, this is one of the must try tools on our list and especially if it fits your budget.

  3. HijackThis

    HijackThis acts like a separate entity in your system that doesn’t bulge between any of your existing files. It helps in detecting and remove many types of existing adware and spyware, along with scanning any new type of virus detected in your system. All the results will be displayed in a log file, and the tool will automatically remove the high-risk files. This is one of the most suggested platforms to use as it’s 100% free and doesn’t require any purchase of its own. If you need help with something bigger, the premium plans are also available for a free trial basis on the website.

  4. Sweepr

    This platform was specifically built for Max OS X and can help in removing many types of malware. Although Apple has its own security system that can fight spyware, sometimes hackers can outsmart the operating systems, so you need an additional spyware tool to fix it. Sweepr does an awesome job in doing everything in a single place. The tool can help in scanning the internal files of your system and clean your entire PC smoothly without any hassles. The tool removes the background running software that might be slowing down your computer and creating a nuisance while working.

  5. RunScanner

    RunScanner is one of the best AdwCleaner alternatives that provide you an all in one solution for all your needs. The tool has many features like the process killer, host file editor, malware analysis, and many more that are beneficial for cleaning any type of existing spyware in your system. The platform also gives you access to filtering the files and telling you the infected ones. The software can scan any type of running malware in your system that might be forcing you to start browsers or run files automatically and destroy your user experience. Moreover, it compromises your data.


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