5 Facebook Advertising Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Except if you’ve been living under a stone, you’re likely mindful that Facebook promotions are a standout amongst other advertising devices accessible to bloggers and entrepreneurs.

So here’s 5 ‘Secret’ includes that you should search for in Ads Manager when you’re running your next mission.

Yet, regardless of whether you’re a finished beginner to Facebook promotions or in the event that you’ve been utilizing them for some time, there’s presumably still a stack of highlights that you didn’t know existed. From editing pictures to free stock photographs there’s a great deal that you can do inside the Facebook Ads Manager that will save you time. Furthermore, in the event that you’re utilizing video (which you ought to be), the Ads Manager offers a lot of dynamic choices to truly take advantage of the exertion you’ve placed into your recordings.

#1 – Breakdown

In case you’re similar to most others that have fiddled with FB advertisements, you’ve likely articulated the words “my promotions didn’t work” eventually in your life. Furthermore, that may be valid. However, did you realize that there’s a store of data connected to every one of your advertisements, which will give you a thought of WHY they didn’t work? Also, you would then be able to utilize that data to make enhancements for your next advertisements.

Go to Ads Manager then on the upper right of your promotion results you’ll see a catch saying ‘Breakdown’. Snap-on that and you’ll see a dropdown with heaps of various choices to browse.

#2 – Free Stock Images

Adhered on what picture to use for your advertisement and don’t have any desire to need to pay for a stock photograph? No show, Shutterstock has got you covered. They’ve made a huge number of pictures accessible for use free of charge. Simply head into Ads Manager, click on the green ‘Make Ad’ button in the upper right, and when you get to the Ad level where you need to add a picture simply click on ‘Free Stock Images’:

You at that point simply type a watchword into the inquiry bar that is identified with whatever you’re publicizing. Pick up to 6 pictures that you like and they’ll be added to your promotion for split-testing.

#3 – Crop Image

There’s particular picture estimates that you need to use for various sorts of advertisements. The right picture sizes can be found HERE.

By utilizing the right picture size it will guarantee that your promotion looks great in all the various situations that it very well may be seen (versatile, work area, Instagram, right-hand section). In case you’re taking the pictures yourself you can utilize Canva, PicMonkey, or Photoshop to resize your pictures to the right size. Yet, once in a while you’re in a surge or utilizing the free stock pictures. So that is the point at which you need to utilize the ‘Yield Image’ include.

While making the advertisement inside Ads Manager you’ll have to pick your picture first and afterward you’ll tap the ‘Yield Image’ symbol in the lower part of the picture.

#4 – Create a Slideshow of Images

Presently you may have a couple of pictures you need to use in your promotion, or you may feel that simply utilizing one picture isn’t adequately energizing. Be that as it may, making a video may very well appear to be all in all too much work or not something you’re acceptable at. All things considered, Facebook makes it very simple to make a slideshow of your pictures, which plays much the same as a video in the promotion. Simply click on ‘Slideshow’ at the Ad level than ‘Make Slideshow’ down the base.

#5 – Create an Audience of People That Have Viewed Your Videos

On the off chance that you hadn’t heard the newsflash, the video is so hot at the present time. Facebook needs to be the spot to be for survey recordings. So in case you’re willing to set aside the effort to make some infectious vids or to put yourself out there on camera, you’ll be remunerated with better natural reach and commitment.

Nonetheless, there’s another explanation that you ought to be truly thinking about utilizing recordings for your business. Also, that is the way that you can make a crowd of people of individuals that have seen your video and afterward show them an advertisement for something different.


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